Sell Your Home Quickly: Tips From Real Estate Experts

Hire A Home Inspector
Hire A Home Inspector

Take a step back and evaluate what you’re offering if you want to sell your home quickly at a reasonable price. Here’s how to get your home ready to sell. You’ll also learn which repairs and upgrades you need to make now to attract buyers.

Age Various Objects

Regardless of how well your home appears from the outside, buyers will surely ask when it was built. An estimate isn’t enough. Check your home records or a copy of the seller’s disclosure about big-ticket items (i.e. your roof, HVAC system, water heater, and gutters). Maintain maintenance records or receipts. Depending on many factors, such as the model and how well it is maintained, you can get an idea of the average lifespan.

Take A Look At Your Own

Look for signs of damage that may reduce value. Experts recommend looking for these common trouble spots:

  • Wood rot on garage doors, window sills and exterior door frames. Rain and condensation can weaken and rot these areas.
  • Ceilings or doors with water stains. This could indicate a roof leak or rain.
  • Water leaks under the sink or near the toilet. Water-logging or uneven surfaces may cause bumps under carpets and discolorations on hardwood floors.

Next, test each room’s functionality. Repair visible cracks in walls and floors, doors that don’t close properly, broken handles on cabinets, basically anything that isn’t working properly. Check the outside too.

Looks are important, but many sellers skip them. Buyers make their first impression here. You might find it useful to talk to your realtor about areas that need fixing since you’ve probably become accustomed to some of the nuances in your home.

Consider A Professional Check 

If you’ve done your own tour, a professional might be able to give you a second opinion. You may overlook bugs that you didn’t know were causing problems because you weren’t familiar with them. You can hire a home inspector or a real estate expert to conduct an inspection (or pre-inspection) to pinpoint problems.

Visit the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to find a home inspector near you. There might be a cost, but you’ll be glad you did it later. The home inspection report can inspire confidence in buyers (and you, for that matter) that they won’t encounter any surprises.

Decide Where You Want To Invest

Once you know what needs to be repaired or upgraded, you can decide where to invest. It’s not necessary to complete everything before selling. It might not seem necessary to renovate a home to sell, but certain fixes will give you an edge over competitors. Remember that real estate is an investment! Focus on restorations that buyers want and are less subject to personal preference.